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Big Tine Long Range

• Easy to plant and establishes quickly

• Excellent early and late season attraction
• Perfect Fall & Winter annual
• Includes cold tolerant oats, winter hardy wheat, more palatable white flowered crimson clover, and forage brassicas such as radish, turnips, kale, and rape.

• Mix of forage oats, forage wheat, white flowering crimson clover, turnips, radish, kale and rape


Long Range is the one annual that everyone should be planting if you’re looking to attract deer. The extremely attractive cold tolerant cereal grains, brassica and clover will draw deer from the early to the late season with its attractive highly palatable forage. Not only will your deer benefit from the massive amount of forage tonnage this plot produces, the tubers will carry them deep into the winter. Long Range is easy to plant and is attractive from the time it comes out of the ground through the full season.

Big Tine Long Range

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