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Big Tine Buck Brunch

• No-Till Mix

• Great for early and late season.

• Easy to establish and fast growing

• Shade tolerant

• Attracts and holds deer in you hunting areas.

• Fall annual planting, but can be planted in the spring as a soil amender.

• Contains annual clover, forage rape, turnips and rye.

• Mix of turnips, white flowering crimson clover, forage rape, forage wheat and a premier winter hardy annual ryegrass


Buck Brunch takes away the issues many food plotters face of needing large equipment to plant a food plot. Buck Brunch’s no-till formula allows hunters to strategically place small private food plots where they need them with as little equipment as hand tools. Buck Brunch is great for remote plots around your tree stand, old clearings, paths in the woods, or corners of fields. Buck Brunch needs 3-4 hours of filtered sunlight per day, and good seed to soil contact.

Big Tine Buck Brunch

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